• Normal eyes?

    Hi everyone 🙂 As you know i mainly make eyes with flowers, diamonds and other stuff inside the eye BUT I also know how to make normal eyes only withs sparkling powder 🙂 They so clear and shining 🙂 Love them 🙂
    This eyes were made for Besia, hope she show the at the doll soon 🙂

    What else in my live? I think i should care more about this blog and not post only boring things about eyes. i think it should be a bit also about me and my dolls ^^ Weeeel:
    I have new doll: Minifee Chloe 🙂 She has already make up but i have no time to make photo of her 🙂 sooory, i will make it soon.

    And please look on her eyes – at first i put in the head 14mm – it was sooo alien and big look. Then i change on 12mm and its much much better 🙂 And i’m in shock that so big doll wears 12mm eyes (they are so small!!)

    Something else??

    I made interesting eyes with silver pupil 🙂 I think it will be the beginning of new series 🙂

    See you soon! ^^

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